What can Outback Roos bring to the table?

Roos Rentals brings with it an already stellar safety culture from Outback Roos indoor facilities.  All Roos Rentals employees are fully trained on how to safely set up and anchor all of our equipment.

While our team is well trained on how to set up all inflatables, they are not going to be there forever.  Because of this, one of the requirements to rent from Roos is that the person(s) who are going to be responsible at the private event complete operators training created by Outback Roos.  This training will be conducted over the internet and will be available for you to take at your leisure as long as it is complete prior to the set up day.  Whomever the Roos Rentals team members is setting up your inflatable will also complete a full safety inspetion of the equipment with you prior to turn over. 

On of the main reasons our indoor facilities are so fun is because we get to see all of our repeat customers and kiddos coming in.  This atmosphere really amplifies the family-centric business values that Jen and I committed to.  It is our intention to continue that family style business model with Roos Rentals.

Too many times my kids have been invited to birthday parties that were supposed to have a bounce house rented for their party.  Then that day  comes, but so does rain.  The family has no choice but to cancel the bounce house and try to find something to keep 10 to 20 kids occupied inside of a house.  This wont happen with Roos.  Any day that you would book an inflatable to rent, you will also be booked in one of the party times at Outback Roos, Muncy.  Hopefully you will not have to use that party room, but as that date approaches and if the weather is not looking too good, instead of having to cancel all of the fun the kids were going to have with the bounce house, you can simply pivot your party indoors to our facility.  Let us take care of the cleaning and prep work while you get to sit back and look like a rock star in front of your kids for pulling the impossible off!!

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