Can I go into the inflatables with my kids to help them?
Yes please!! We encourage family play and adults to interact with their kids!! Can’t get in to help? No worries!! Our amazing staff can BOUNCE in and help your little one through!

What is the age limit for Outback Roos?
Kids older than 12 years old are not permitted on playing on Outback Roos inflatables. We must abide by the manufacture’s recommendations in order to keep your children safe.
Outback Roos offers a Baby Outback Roos inflatable that is safe for children 2 years and younger.

Are walk in Bouncers welcome?
Of course! Open bounce is permitted at any time during our hours of operation.

Can I wear my shoes into Outback Roos?
No, for sanitary reasons, we don’t allow shoes in Outback Roos. We require socks to be worn on all inflatables and play areas. If you don’t have socks, we have some at the counter for sale.

What is the time limit for a daily pass?
Bouncers can bounce as long as they would like during Outback Roos’s hours of operation. However, re-entry isn’t permitted without a new paid Bounce Pass.

Are the inflatables cleaned?
Yes, Yes, and Yes! The Outback Roos inflatables are cleaned multiple times a day with a safe and effective
sanitizing solution that keeps our Bouncers as clean as can be!

I have a big group, are there any discounts available?
Certainly! We work with many groups, daycares, fundraising committees, religious organizations, camps, schools, field trips, scouts and other large groups to offer discounted rates. Contact Outback Roos for details and more information!